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Unitary enterprise “O’ztemiryo’lmashta’mir” – the oldest enterprise of the Republic Uzbekistan, one of most dynamically developing car-building the enterprises, unique on the profile in the central Asia.

The JSC “O’ztemiryo’lmashta’mir” which is a part of JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari”, incorporates headquarters Tashkent Diesel locomotive-repair factory, the branches “Casting – mechanical factory”, “Andizhan mechanical factory”, Pahtaabad branch.

The aggregate number of workers the enterprise makes more than 3 thousand persons.

The Tashkent diesel locomotive-repair factory – is headquarters plant the JSC “O’ztemiryo’lmashta’mir”.

The enterprise specializes on major repair and restoration with service life prolongation: the main diesel locomotives of series   ТЭ10, shunting diesel locomotives ТЭМ2 and ЧМЭ3, electric locomotives ВЛ80с and ВЛ60К, freight cars (covered cars, semi cars, dumpcarts, bitumen carts, cement carts, okatysh carts, and two-circled platforms for transportation of cars) and special purpose cars. Also major repairs of electric cars, wheel pairs and other knots and units of locomotives are mode. The enterprise provides requirements CE “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” in spare parts for a rolling stock and the structure of a way, makes diagnosing of a rolling stock of railways for definition of its residual resource for the purpose of service life prolongation.

Today the factory has powerful industrial and repair base which includes shops of versatile manufacture: the car-structure, metal-processing, colour moulding, forge-pressing, tool, tree – processing, rubber –technical manufacture and others.

Equipment of CE   “O’ztemiryo’lmashta’mir” allows to make rolling stock major repairs in considerable volumes, thus quality of repair in considerable volumes, thus quality of repair services corresponds to the operating specification and technical documentation.

In years of Independence the factory was a part JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” with preservation of railway orientation. Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia.

With a view of economy currency means JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” has set Tashkent a diesel locomotive-repair to factory a problem in short terms to organize production on import replacement, major repairs of a shunting diesel locomotive of series ТЭМ2, major repairs of carriages, repair electro cart wheel pairs have been as a result mastered. Annually increasing a volume of output, the enterprise constantly expands assortment of mastered production: makes repair and modernization of car-hoppers for transportation of mineral fertilizers, re-equipment okatysh-cart under cement cart, car-platform modernization under cement cart etc. In connection with electrification, reconstruction and modernization of the railway for transferring with diesel on electro locomotive draught the factory has begun repairing of electric locomotives of series ВЛ80с and ВЛ60К. This program has demanded also development of manufacturing of details of the top structure of a way, before received from the foreign enterprises. Besides, for repairing of diesel locomotives and cars with a view of import reduction have been mastered with increase in a volume of output logs brake locomotives, carload, horizontal skolzunes, springs, loose leave of diesel engines D50 and D100 and others.

The long economic communication, which have remained in market conditions with suppliers and consumers have allowed the enterprise to provide annually stable growth of volumes of output on the average on 20 %.

Thanks to annual growth of labor productive, rationalization and mechanization of labour-intensive processes, the factory completely satisfies requirement for major repairs of a rolling stock for JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” and renders repair service to republic Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

A lot of attention is given to preservation and development pf social sphere.

On balance of factory there is a children’s recreation camp, the physical-improving complex with an exercise room, swimming pool, sports hall, a sauna and per capita contains. There is a health Centre, health shop, club on 430 places, a museum of history of factory, a showroom, a dining room.

The Tashkent diesel locomotive-repair the factory has entered the second century of the history updated, in full force of the possibilities, as one of the basic enterprises economy in Republic of Uzbekistan.

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